The White Box

Cutia Albă (The White Box) is the first short animated feature of Romanian video artist Mihai Păcurar. The film features the music and sound design of Vlaicu Golcea and the voices of Romanian actors Florin Piersic Jr., Coca Bloos, Nicoleta Lefter, Constantin Cojocaru, Daniel Popa, Laurențiu Bănescu, Andrei Elek, Victoria Răileanu, Conrad Mericofer and Irina Bucescu. The script was written by Mihai Păcurar and Lavinia Ivan and features additional texts by Florin Piersic Jr., Iuliana Dumitru and Vincențiu Iacob. Love, absence, projections, chemistry. In a Romanian town, around mid - 21st century, different people take part (by themselves or in couples) in live experiences generated and influenced by their own subconscious, in virtual reality rooms. The company renting these holo-decks to the public is called The White Box.

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