The Seagull

December, 2013, Bucharest. Set, costumes and video design. The play by Anton Chekhov was taken on by a group of young actors, led by Antoaneta Cojocaru, in an attempt to breathe new life and energy into this classic text. And they did it. Eleven actors, in a tour-de-force, all of them on stage all the time, a concept that needed a subdued space, but one that still carries the emotional elements forward. The concept was simple: a double layered world. The ground layer, the one that the actors perform on, would be a large terrarium, a plastic black mass from which they rise and in which they return. The higher layer, a large canvas, would become the projection screen, representing the lake, which would function very discretely, just to adjust the mood of the scenes. The light design was signed by Alexandru Darie.

Photo credits: Mihai Pacurar, Roza Zah
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